Bakugan Party Decorations

bakugan party decorationsTo create a festive atmosphere in the Bakugan theme, we’ll look at ways to use music, colors, costumes and even unexpected items such as beach balls to transform your home or other party venue. Here are some décor ideas for your Bakugan party:

Provide each guest with a mini-costume to get them into the party spirit. Give them a Dan Kuso mask to wear, or hand them each a pair of green sunglasses like the ones Dan Kuso wears. Find cheap plastic green-framed sunglasses at the dollar store, or splurge on green LED sunglasses available online. Complete the outfit with blue fingerless gloves like the ones Dan wears. Buy cheap stretch gloves and snip off the fingertips.

Decorate the room with the signature Bakugan colors of red, orange, black and white using balloons and crepe paper. Scan and print copies of the Bakugan cards and scatter them all over the room, or hang them from doorways and light fixtures to make it look as though they’re falling from the sky, just as they do in the Bakugan story. You can also hang official Bakugan posters or print them off from the official Bakugan website here. Another great idea for decorating the room is to put up Bakugan wall stickers, such as the almost life-sized Dan Kuso figure. Once the party is over, the birthday boy or girl can decorate their room with them. You can also consider buying a personalized Bakugan party banner where you can print your child’s name and age on the banner!

bakugan personalized party banner

Homemade Bakugan Party Decorations
If you have the time and money to spend, you can really transform the party space using beach balls, home-made stencils and spray-paint. Create six simple 8- to 10-inch stencils for each of the six attribute symbols. Then purchase a quantity of solid-colored beach balls. You can find 16” solid-color beach balls online. Using the spray-paint, stencil the symbols on each ball when it’s flat, and when the paint is dry, inflate them and fill the room with round Bakugan balls. The kids will love playing with them, and they can each take a one home with them as Bakugan party favors!

Alternately, you could purchase multicolored paper globe lanterns and hang them up all over the room. Print out the Bakugan Attribute symbols on your computer, cut them out and paste them to the lanterns, or print them out on adhesive paper and stick them on.