Bakugan Party Games and Activities

When hosting a Bakugan Party you want to be sure you have enough activities and games to entertain the kids while they’re at the party. Here are some Bakugan Battle Brawlers themed activity ideas for your party.

Bakugan piñata
Although there is no official Bakugan-themed piñata, you can find some Bakugan themed pinatas below. You can also buy a Bakugan dragon piñata at Pretty Party Place which makes a fairly good replica of the theme.
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You can also inexpensively create your own Bakugan piñata using an inflatable beach ball, newspaper strips, and a paste mixture of two cups of water and one cup of flour. Cover the inflated ball with strips soaked in the water-and-flour paste until it’s completely covered. Make sure you embed the hanging string firmly among the strips so that you have something to hang your piñata from. When the piñata is dry, cut a small (4” x 4”) flap in the bottom of the sphere, deflate the ball and remove it from the piñata shell. Fill the piñata with wrapped candies, bouncy superballs and any other small toys you think the kids will like (inexpensive Bakugan Party Favors work great for stuffing a pinata). Glue red tissue paper around the ball until it’s completely covered, and then cut out a Bakugan symbol in black construction paper and glue it to the piñata. When the kids are ready to play, have them try to “repel the evil Bakugan” with the “Battle Launcher” (a plastic baseball bat).

Bakugan dodgeball
If the party is taking place outdoors, or if you have enough indoor space, turn an ordinary game of dodgeball into a Bakugan Brawl. Pick up some solid-colored Nerf-style foam balls or mini beach balls and use a fat-tip Sharpie to draw Bakugan symbols on each one. Divide the kids into two teams and have them flip a coin to see who gets to be the “Dan Kuso” team (good guys) and who has to be the “Masquerade” team (bad guys). Have a couple of adults referee the game, and hand out prizes to the winning team at the end of the game. Prizes could be little bags of candies, Bakugan coloring and sticker books, or one of the Bakugan balls to take home.

Bakugan dragon kites
bakugan kiteHave the kids paint their own Bakugan dragon kites at a craft station. Find simple, inexpensive kite-making kits at your local craft store or toy store, or order online at Amazon. You can have the kids make their own kites or, if they’re younger, pre-make the kites and just let the kids decorate them. Lay out thick felt markers and stickers for the kids to draw and decorate their dragon. If it’s a nice day, you can head outside to fly the dragon kites once they’re decorated! Have a contest to see whose kite can fly the highest.

If you don’t want to decorate a kite official Bakugan Kites can be purchased and make a great party favor for the kids!

“Find the Bakugan” game
bakugan bouncey ballsBefore the party, draw Bakugan symbols on little bouncy balls and hide them throughout the house or around the backyard. Alternatively, you can buy Bakugan Bouncey Balls and give these away as party of the Bakugan Party Favors. When the guests are assembled, tell them how many Bakugan are hidden and which rooms or areas they’re hidden in, and let them know there’s a prize for each Bakugan they find. Hold one up to show them what they look like, and then let them hunt for the Bakugan. You can also divide the kids up into two or more teams, and award a prize to the team that finds the greatest number of Bakugan.