Little Mermaid Party Food and Snacks

little mermaid paper platesIt’s easy to put together a party spread fit for a mermaid:

Pizza “fish”
Make homemade pizza dough, or thaw ready-made, store-bought dough. Roll it out thinly and use a fish-shaped cookie-cutter to make mini pizzas. Finish with a thin layer of pizza sauce and grated mozzarella cheese, and add a sliced black olive for the eye. Or let the kids make their own, however, be ready as this is going to get VERY messy!

Dainty mermaid sandwiches
Make an assortment of sandwiches and serve them speared with fish picks (from your dollar store). Sandwich ideas include: egg salad on brown bread, flavoured cream cheese on white, and chicken salad on mini-buns. You can also serve “seaweed roll-ups”: mild salsa and shredded mozzarella rolled up in spinach tortillas.

Starfish grills
Make grilled cheese sandwiches on thin-sliced white bread, and use a star-shaped cookie-cutter to cut the sandwiches into star shapes. Keep warm in a 250-degree oven until ready to serve. Serve on a platter surrounded by thinly-sliced green pepper and celery to imitate seaweed.

“Creatures of the sea” jello
Make Berry Blue Jello and pour it into individual glasses or clear plastic cups. When it has almost set, stick a “creatures of the sea” lollipop, featuring an octopus, seahorse or walrus into the middle of each cup. Alternatively, you can mix Swedish fish or gummy candy in ocean shapes (fish, starfish, octopus) into the jello as it sets.
fish ice cube tray
Ocean punch
Serve a blue soft drink, such as Pepsi Blue or blue cream soda, or add a few drops of blue food coloring to a clear soft drink. Add tropical fish straws in pretty pinks and purples. You can even serve the drinks with ice-cube fish created from a fish-shaped ice-cube mold.

Finally, don’t forget your paper plates, napkins and cups as this will make the clean-up MUCH easier! You can purchase Little Mermaid themed paper plates, napkins and cups if you’d like to stick with your chosen party theme!

If you hosted a Little Mermaid Party what did you serve for food? Let us know in the comments below.