Medieval Knight Party Food and Snack Ideas

knight party paper plates The food at a Knight birthday party can be anything from dainty and fairy-esque to something more ‘manly’ and medieval knight.

Fairy-tale finger foods
If you’re considering fairy-tale foods for your party here are a few normal foods with creative names. You can place a label in-front of each food to tell the kids what they’re eating. The more creative the name the more likely they are to at least try it!
Jouster’s Juice: This can be a bowl of punch or simply juice boxes.
The Fool’s Fruit: A fruit tray with strawberries, grapes, and melons.
Dragon Fruit Dip: Serve the fruit tray with caramel or strawberry-flavored dip.
Merlin’s Munchies Sausage balls and quiche
Royal Crown: Pizza with a bunch of different toppings so the kids can create it themselves.

Medieval Knight Food
When considering the food at a Medieval Knight party you can think back to that day-and-age and consider what they would have eaten! This would include things that they ate with their hands such as chicken wings or drumsticks. You can also have a dinner rolls and veggie sticks to go along with it. Then serve the meal without forks and knives so the knights have to get dirty!

Hopefully, these magical party foods will provide a fun and fanciful feast for the Knight party! You can decorate the table using Knight tableware including paper plates, napkins and cups. Finally, remember to have a variety of food options for the kids as some of them are picky.