Knight Party Games and Activities

Knight party games and activities should be fun and active while focusing on the heroic nature of the knight! You can also center the games on the fairy-tale theme of saving the damsel in distress and the courtly quest for riches. We have created a few game ideas below which the children will need a large area in which to play.

Save the Princess
This is a great game which is basically a game of “kick-the-can”. One player can be the dragon where the dragon has a home-base. The rest of the kids (the knights) hide while the dragon counts to ten. The knights must try to reach the dragon’s home-base to slay the dragon without being caught by the dragon (being tagged).

dragon pinata
Knight Pinata
A great activity at any party but especially at a Knight party the Pinata can be super fun. Let the kids use their ‘lances’ or ‘swords’ to hit the pinata. The perfect pinata for a Knight party is the Dragon pinata as Knights are known for slaying dragons! Another option is a Medieval castle pinata which is a better Knight party decoration than pinata.

Find Queen Guinevere’s Treasure
Another fun game is a searching game involving gold coins! Before the kids arrive hide small plastic gold and silver coins (or chocolate coins) around the yard. These coins act as the treasure and the kids must find Queen Guinevere’s treasure!

Round Table Crafts
Another great activity at a party is a creaft station. Craft stations are great because whatever the kids make they can bring home with them which adds to the size of their party favors!

create a knight shield
Knight Shield
A very simple craft station is a knight shield. You will need a piece of cardboard for each child, a piece of rope or a strap and decorations. Before the party create a template of a shield for the kids to cut themselves or have them all cut-out before the party. At the party let the kids decorate the shields as they want with crayons, knight stickers, glitter, paint, etc.. Then using the rope cut two holes in the shield and tie the rope in a circle so the kids can hold their shield like a knight! If you don’t have time to create this craft station yourself you can buy a pre-made shield creation kit. You can combine this craft activity with a create your own Medieval sword or purchase foam swords to go along with this!

Color Your Castle
This is a great activity for all the kids to participate where they get to color a castle! The coloring castle is a three-dimensional castle where the kids get to be creative and color! Give each child a section of the castle to avoid arguments.

Hopefully these Knight party games provide fun and excitement to the kids at your Knight party!