Medieval Knight Birthday Cake and Cupcakes

knight cake panThe birthday cake is the star and main attraction of most kids parties. Be sure to have a striking cake at your Knight party for all the kids to appreciate. The easiest cake is obviously a pre-made birthday cake, however, this is also the most expensive option. Here are a few more ideas that range from simple to more difficult.

Camelot Castle Cake
The Camelot castle cake requires a basic cake recipe and a castle-shaped cake baking pan. Simply bake the cake recipe and bake it in the cake pan. When cooled, decorate and ice the cake as desired. You can attempt to make it look like a real medieval castle or just make it a little more magical. You can add a few plastic Medieval or knight toys to the top and front of the cake to finalize the decorations.

Medieval Knight Edible Image Cake
A very simple but good looking cake is a edible image cake where you simply create a rectangular cake and ice it as usual. Afterward, you simply lay the edible image on the top of the cake and it creates a great looking cake.
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Medieval Knight Cupcakes
Another option is to create mini-cakes for all the kids with cupcakes. Kids love cupcakes and you can make great looking cupcakes with icing and sprinkles. You can also make Knight cupcakes using one of the pre-bought cupcake decorations below.
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