Knight Party Decorations

medieval castle knight pinataThe Knight party decorations should create a medieval setting for the party-goers. You can buy pre-made Knight decorations which are easy to find online. When decorating we recommend doing a combination of pre-made and homemade decorations. To start, you can have the party room door having a sheet hanging over it. Be sure to paint a huge crest or coat of arms on the sheet. Then have a Medieval Castle Pinata hanging in the middle of the room.

Knight Party Room Decorations
The party room can be decorated to resemble a castle. Paint grey or silver blocks in the shape of rectangular stones on old sheets to resemble the walls of a castle. Trace and cut out designs of wizards, dragons, and horses on poster board. Paint these designs and hang them on the walls of the castle. On the sheet itself, paint a large fireplace, long tables and tall chairs to resemble the inside of the castle. If you don’t have the artistic ability you can order removable wall decals and Medieval Castle Dragon Knight Wizard Wall Mural Sticker.

Hang strips of brightly colored cloth instead of streamers around the ceiling so that the party room will have the appearance of a colorful medieval feast.

Knight Table decorations
Cover the table with a knight themed vinyl tablecloth. For the centerpieces, you will need to cut and shape a piece of poster board into a cone shaped hat to resemble a medieval lady’s pointed hat. Paint the hats in pretty pastel colors. Take brightly colored ribbons and glue them to the point of the hat for added color.

Remember, your party room should look like a fun medieval festival.