Classic 80’s Video Game Party Decorations

Supplies for this party should be original and colorful. The 80’s were a time of neon and fluorescent colors, so you must find bright colored plates, napkins, forks, spoons, and table settings – that would be righteous. Online retailers sell a variety of different products that have specific 80’s themes and video game designs, too.
If you can’t find the video game tablecloth that you are looking for, choose a bright color and accent it with some themed stickers, or allow guests to write and draw on the paper tablecloth. Decorate the table with cardboard mini arcades; you can find these at:

Make a few Donkey Kong ladders with streamers and hang them in different parts of the room, or make a few tape ladders to stick to the floor. Add a few cardboard cut-outs or posters of your favorite video game characters, or look for giant vinyl cling wall decals; if you can’t find a character, buy some large dots that look like power pellets!

Dangle some swirly, shiny decorations, and scatter some balloons and streamers around the room. Lots of different colors make it a cheerful setting that mimics the style of the 80’s; some balloons have funny 80’s sayings on them, too. A piñata will add a nice final touch to your decorations; you can buy a special themed piñata with your favorite video game character (such as Pac Man), or make your own with a candy and toy-filled box that has been sealed and decorated.