Create Your Own Designer Photo Purse – Girls Party Activity

polka dot purse kitDesigner purse activity
For a quieter activity at any girls party, set up a station where the girls can decorate their own purse photo frame magnet. This activity is perfect for any party where most of the party-goers are girls who are old enough to appreciate purses and glitter such as a Bratz party.

This activity is similiar to the Kids Polka Dot Purse activity but much cheaper. For this activity, you’ll need to purchase magnet sheets which you can find online for relatively cheap ($5.74 for 3). Each sheet with make two purses so a package will be enough for 6 girls.

The night before the party (or sooner)

  • Cut each sheet into two 8 ½” x 5.5” sheets, and then use an X-acto knife to cut out simple purse shapes. We recommend making a stencil out of cardboard and then using that to cut the purse shapes. This will save the number of magnet sheets that you need to use!
  • Cut out a rectangle in the middle of the purse shape to create a photo frame.
  • Spray paint each purse pink, purple or silver and let them dry overnight.

For the party, have puffy glitter pens, stick-on gems and glittery stickers ready to use at a table where the girls can sit and design their purses.

When they have finished be sure to take a picture of all the girls with their decorated purses. When you send out the thank-you cards you can mention that this picture would go perfectly in your designer purse!

If this activity sounds too time consuming to setup you can replace it with a pre-made kit that lets the girls design their own bracelets. You’ll find the Groovy Bracelets Party Activity kit, with enough stickers, gems and bracelets for eight girls.