Strawberry Shortcake Party Games and Activities

strawberry shortcake pinata Here are a few fun Strawberry Shortcake party games and activities that should entertain and have the kids thrilled with excitement!

Obstacle Course
Make a fun obstacle course. This is more for fun than competition. Set up stations involving Balloon popping, jumping jacks, pillow tower stacking, hula hooping, plucking petals from a flower, bobbing for an apple (not just for Halloween!) and pushing an orange a certain distance with your nose just to name a few.

Flower Pot decorating
Purchase an assortment of clay flowerpots and some non-toxic paint and paint brushes, and have the guests paint a pot when they arrive! This allows time for drying, and helps smooth the transition while awaiting all of the guests. When they are dry, you could also have them plant a real flower (from a small starter set) or using Styrofoam, a silk one. You could even buy a few strawberry plants and they could plant Strawberries in these clay pots! This also makes a great Strawberry themed party favour.

Fruity/ flower necklace
From your local craft store, or ordering online, you can get an assortment of beads in a variety of shapes, colours, themes and materials that your guests can make lovely, personal necklaces with.

Using hemp cord, or stretchable elastic beading cord, pre-cut lengths for a necklace that can be tied and pulled over the guest’s head. Make sure any beads that you purchase have holes that are large enough to have the cording fit through. Again this craft can be done upon arrival, or soon afterwards, and makes a great party favour.

Cookie Decorating
Make an assortment of sugar cookies or other cookie mix that you can cut shapes out of using a cookie cutter set. Set up a selection of coloured frostings, sugars, various decorating candies and shapes, some plastic knives, and let the guests help make the cookies for the Strawberry Tea, or for later for themselves.

Strawberry Shortcake Pinata
No party is complete without a pinata. Luckily, you can purchase a Strawberry shortcake pinata to go with your party. This not only makes a great party activity but also works as a great Strawberry Shortcake decoration! Have the kids standing far enough from danger let each child hit the pinata a few times. Once they are all done pull the strings to release the candy!

Garden Party Hat
In the true tea party style, everyone must have a fabulous hat to wear! Similar to the old bridal shower games, give each guest a paper plate with ribbon ties to decorate. Take a Paper Plate; punch a hole on the brim, near the indented part of the plate, one on each side. Cut a length of ribbon that will go across the bottom of the plate, through the holes, and leave a length on each side long enough to be tied underneath the chin of the guest, and have a nice bow when you tie it on them. Provide an assortment of ribbons, silk/paper flowers, ribbon bows, tulle, fabric, sequins, buttons, glue and tape, and let them create their own fashions to wear to the tea party! Be sure to have a few backup plates (or even pre-made Strawberry shortcake hats) in case the kids don’t like their creation!

End of the Rainbow
A fun way to finish off the party, you need to set this one up ahead of time. Using a ball of yarn, or several if you wish for different colours, unspool about 10 feet or so and cut off. Hide the party favors in one location, and tie one end of the yarn to a favour. Run that length of yarn over, under, around, and in and out of any obstacles or furniture in the area. Have the yarn end up at the door to the room, or a central location. Run a length of yarn for each guest, going in a different direction for each. Have each guest pick up the end of the yarn at its beginning, and roll it up onto a chopstick as they follow it to its ending at the party loot. A great game for outside, as you have more room to work with. Use a longer length of yarn for more fun!

If you hosted a Strawberry Shortcake party what did you do for party games? Let us know in the comments below.