Scooby Doo Party Favors

scooby doo party favorsScooby-doo is a very popular cartoon, so you’ll find lots of official Scooby merchandise to include in the party favor bags. For a shortcut to crowd-pleasing party favor packages, you can order the pre-made Scooby-doo favor boxes. Simply assemble each decorated favor box and fill it with the included stickers, gumball candy toy, Scooby-doo mask and party blower. These party favors are all official Scooby Doo merchandise which the kids will love!

Create Your Own Scooby Doo Party Favor Bag
For an economical, home-made Scooby-doo treat bag, buy gift bags in one of the Mystery Machine colors (aqua blue or lime green) at the dollar store. Decorate the bags with pictures of Scooby and the gang or stickers. Alternatively, print out lots of orange flower-power flowers and decorate the gift bags with these. You can also print out favorite Scooby-doo expressions, like “Zoinks!” “Jinkies!” “Jeepers!” and “Like, WOW, Scoob!” in speech bubble shapes and stick them all over the bags. Line the bags with tissue in a contrasting, psychedelic color and fill with low-cost, homemade favors:

Personalized Dog-tags: Make dog tags on your home computer using color clipart of Scooby-doo on one tag, and a personalized “Scooby” nickname on another tag. The personalized nicknames can be every guest’s name, plus “-doo”: “Jenny-doo,” “Stevie-doo,” “Mikey-doo,” etc. Print the tags out at three times the desired size on Shrinky Dinks sheets. Hole-punch each tag at the top, and bake them according to directions. Thread a Scooby tag and a personalized name tag on plastic string, and include one in each child’s favor bag.

Scooby Snacks: Make your favorite rolled cookie dough recipe, or buy pre-made sugar cookie dough. Roll out dough and cut out with a small bone-shaped cookie cutter and bake. Put bags of Scooby Snacks in each favor bag. You can dress the bags up with “Scooby Snack” labels printed from your computer.

Flower Power Cookies: Add a groovy, psychedelic touch to each gift bag with flower power cookies that look like the flowers decorating the Mystery Machine. Bake flower-shaped sugar cookies and ice them in an assortment of bright colors, like lime green, aqua blue, orange, yellow and purple.

Coloring Books: Print out Scooby-doo coloring sheets from the Internet on your home computer and staple them together to make coloring books. Or buy an official Scooby Doo Coloring book. Add a pack of crayons, paint set or pencil crayons from the dollar store.

Stickers: Print Scooby-doo images using adhesive paper. Cut them out and add a handful to each favor bag. Or buy a pack of Scooby Doo stickers.