Scooby Doo Party Decorations

scooby doo decorationsDecorating the room for a Scooby-doo party is lots of fun because you can really go wild with the colors. The Scooby-doo cartoon was created in the 60s, so there’s lots of flower power and psychedelic colors, from the eye-popping Mystery Machine to Fred’s bright blue flares and Velma’s bright orange turtleneck and matching knee-socks.

If you’re looking for something quick and easy, you can fill the room with Scooby-doo with a complete party kit. It comes with co-ordinated streamers and balloons, mylar character balloon of Scooby, a Scooby tablecloth and centerpiece, themed tableware for eight guests and more.

We recommend combining a few Scooby Doo themed decorations like a Scooby Doo Wall Decals and Foil Mylar Balloons with some homemade decorations as described below.

Homemade Scooby Doo Decorations
If you prefer to put together your own decorations, here are some ideas to transform the party space into a truly groovy space. Start by filling the room with aqua blue and lime green balloons and streamers. You can also look for co-ordinating tableware, such as paper tablecloths and napkins. Next, cut big orange flowers out of construction paper or posterboard and tack them up all over the walls. You could also hang them from fishing line from the ceiling. Create a great-looking centerpiece for the snack table by wrapping a large jar with blue or green construction or tissue paper and filling it full of big orange flowers glued to green gardening stakes. This will create a huge, cartoon-like bouquet of psychedelic flowers like the ones that decorate the Mystery Machine.

You can also cut speech bubble shapes out of white posterboard and write Scooby-doo expressions in them, like “Jinkies!” “Jeepers!” “Zoinks!” and “Like, WOW!” Tack them up randomly all over the walls.
scooby doo pinata
Another idea for decorating the room is to recreate the Mystery Machine. Look for a refrigerator appliance box and use poster paints to decorate it. Cut out the front window using an X-acto knife, so that the kids can climb inside and have their picture taken at the wheel. You can print these photos out and use them to decorate the thank-you cards after the party!

Finally, don’t forget to add a Scooby Doo Pinata to the party (as seen on the right). A pinata not only decorates the party but also makes a great Scooby Doo party activity for the kids!