Scooby Doo Birthday Cake

There are so many options for a Scooby-doo birthday party cake. If you’re a skilled cake decorator, you can let your imagination run wild, but here are some inventive ideas for show-stopping birthday cakes that are simple enough even for the unskilled baker.

scooby doo cake pan
Giant Scooby Snack cake
Make one giant Scooby Snack for the gang. Bake the cake mix of your choice in a big 10” x 13” dog-bone-shaped pan and frost as desired. Then let the kids go wild and decorate the Scooby Snack any way they like, with bowls of Smarties, jellybeans and other colorful candy. Once they’ve finished decorating, bring out the candles and let the birthday boy or girl make a wish.

Giant Scooby Doo Cake
A more complex but do-able Scooby Doo cake is using a Wilton Scooby Doo Cake Pan. Simply create a cake batter and pour it into the cake-pan and bake as required. Once cooled decorate the cake like Scooby Doo! The kids will love this option!

Scooby Snack Cupcakes
Make a batch of chocolate or vanilla cupcakes, and cover with chocolate frosting. Sprinkle each cupcake liberally with multicolored, dog-bone-shaped confetti. Another option is to bake a batch of dog-bone-shaped cookies, and place a cookie on top of each frosted cupcake. As an added touch, you could ice the cookies in the aqua blue, lime green and orange colors of the Mystery Machine. The final cupcake option is to choose a Scooby-Doo themed cupcake decoration like a Cupcake Ring or edible image as seen below.
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Scooby-doo photo cake
To create a Scooby-doo photo cake simply purchase an edible cake image topper (below). Next you simply need to bake and frost a regular sheet cake in the flavors and colors of your choice and lay the edible image on top of the cake. You can add a birthday message spelled out in sugar letters or with a squeeze tube of icing. You can also decorate the border of the cake with candy bones.
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