Monsters Inc. Party Games and Activities

monsters inc memory party gameMonsters Inc. party games and activities should be fun and entertaining for all the kids. They can get everyone involved (including those shy little monsters) and set the mood for having fun. Here are a few ideas to get the kids active while sticking to the party theme!

You can also purchase a Monsters Inc. game that the kids might enjoy playing (depending on their age). A few ideas to consider are a Monsters Inc. Memory Game or the Monsters Inc version of the game of life. You can always set these games up and if the kids feel like playing them they can!

Monsters Inc. Mike Wazowski Hat Relay
In this game the kids need to complete a relay with their friends. You can either split the kids up into two teams or set a time that the kids must beat. Simply get them to race from one spot to another and put on a construction hat (like Mike Wazowski), next the must continue to the next spot and scare some Monsters. To scare the monsters they must pop a balloon. Finally, the need to return back to their friends balancing an egg on a spoon (without getting scared). Once at the line they must tag their friend, give them the construction hat and then they’re off on the same relay!

Monsters Inc – Where’s Randell Party Game
Randell is the scariest monster of all with his ability to become invisible at a moment’s notice. You just never know where he might be! Let the kids have a turn at taking a guess at what door he is behind.

  • Using cardboard make up a few paper doors. They don’t have to be too large or fancy just enough to hide Randall behind them.
  • Decorate the doors with Monsters Inc. stickers and other lime green and baby blue decorations.
  • Label each door with a number.
  • Print off a picture of Randell and tape Randell to the wall.
  • Arrange all the doors on a wall with Randell hidden behind one of them.

As the kids arrive have them pick which door they think Randell is behind and write the number or letter on an index card with their name on it. If they are too young to do these themselves you can let them point and record it for them. When the time is right gather all the kids to watch you reveal what is behind each door. Reveal Randell at the very end to keep the excitement going for a while as you hunt for him. You can award a small prize for the winners.