Monsters Inc. Party Favors

monsters inc party favorParty favors are one of the main attractions at any kids birthday party. The kids look forward to seeing what party favors they will get and what to play with! This is no different with a Monsters Inc. themed party. Unfortunately, finding party favors for the Monsters Inc. party isn’t as easy as it used to be. Luckily, we have some ideas for perfect Monsters Inc themed party favors and favor bags.

Monsters Inc. Party Favors
When putting together the party favors you have plenty of options from Monsters Inc themed items to traditional items. For Monsters Inc themed items we recommend starting with Monsters Inc fuzzy stickers, Monsters Inc stretchy bracelets. Next we recommend items that are related to Monsters but not necessarily Monsters Inc. You can include green slime putty or Squishy Eyeballs. This includes Monster Suckers, as seen below!

Supplements to Monsters Inc favors – Traditional Party Favors
A simple idea to save money and still have great party favors is to use some traditional party favors. The traditional party favors aren’t Monsters Inc. themed but the kids won’t really care as they’re fun toys! A few ideas to consider are blow-outs, disc launchers, bouncy balls, etc.. You can find these at your local dollar store or online at CelebrateExpress.
monsters inc party favor suckers
Designing Your Own Favor Bags
You can have the perfect bags to match your Monsters Inc. birthday celebration by making them yourself with a few simple items. This is relatively inexpensive and they look great!

  • Start with baby-blue gift and lime-green gift bags as these are the same colors as Sully and Monsters Inc.
  • Print out color images of all the Monsters, Inc friends and glue them to the bag. You can also use Monsters Inc. Stickers to decorate the bags!
  • Add your desired party favors
  • Add green/blue tissue. If you have a blue bag using green tissue.
  • Add name-tags to each bag so the kids know which bags are theirs!

Hopefully these ideas for your Monsters Inc party favors are a good start. Remember, that kids love to play with toys and eat candy and that’s exactly how your party favors should be put together!