Monsters Inc. Party Decorations

monsters inc party decorations posterDecorating for a Monsters, Inc birthday party is all about setting the theme and having fun! We recommend letting your kids help out as they might enjoy blowing up balloons and putting up streamers!

The party supplies are going to be a big part of what will bring the theme colors into the room. Unfortunately, finding official Monsters Inc. Party Supplies and Decorations is rare and difficult. This means that you must get creative. We recommend combining lime green party supplies and baby blue party supplies. The combination is the color of the Monsters Inc. theme!

Next, add a few Monsters Inc posters on the walls. Since the movie was such a success there are a few different posters that you can use. The posters are relatively inexpensive and look great! After the party you can hang them in your child’s room too!

Draw attention to the gifts and cake. The gifts and cake are a HUGE element to the party … it’s the number one thing that every birthday party has in common. Kids want to see it. Well, they want to eat it … but seeing it is the first step! Show it off in a BOLD way by creating a massive arrangement in a single location. Include ribbons, bows, and streamers to add even more color. You can have the Monsters Inc party favors on the table too but don’t be surprised if the kids starting grabbing them if they see their name!
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Setup All the Games
Be sure to setup the game prior to the party. Setting up the games before the party starts will do two things:

  1. It will get that task done while you have time and energy to focus. Time is very valuable when you have 10+ kids and only 2 hours to do all the amazing things!
  2. It will give the kids something to look at and anticipate. Half the fun of anything for children is the anticipation. Get their imagination going from the moment they walk in the door by displaying all the games they will soon playing!
  3. Finally the games can help decorate the party!

Set up your “Where’s Randal?” game close to the entrance to the party. When you create the game add lots of the color to the paper doors.

Hopefully these Monsters Inc party decoration ideas give you a head start on planning your decorations!
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