Diego Party Invitations

go diego party invitationsIf you are looking for quick and easy invitations, nothing beats the official Go, Diego, Go! birthday cards at Celebrate Express ($3.59 for 8 cards). These folding cards are designed to look like Diego’s video phone—flip them open to reveal a screen that displays the party details (as shown to the right).

You’ll also find free, printable Baby Jaguar cards on the Nick Jr. website. Simply print them out on your color printer, fold them four, and write out the party details in the spaces provided.

Homemade Go Diego Go Party Invitations
Here’s an idea for fun invitations that double as a toy for each invited guest. In keeping with the safari theme, make paper-bag-puppet jungle animals using a simple kit you can order from Amazon. You can have fun making these puppets with the birthday boy or girl, or you can make the puppets yourself and keep them as a surprise. Next, print out the party details two-up on a sheet so that they’re 8 ½” x 5.5”. Fold each invitation into eights and attach one to each paper-bag puppet with a bit of double-sided tape to make it look as though the animal is carrying the message in its mouth. Have the birthday invitation say something like this:
go diego party invitation

“I’m one of the animals Diego rescued. He sent me on a mission to invite you to [NAME]’s birthday party. Please come for an afternoon of birthday adventure and safari fun! Al Rescate!”

Make At Home Diego Party Invite – Option 2
Here’s another idea for an inventive invitation that doubles as a toy for the party guest. First, you’ll need to go to the Nick Jr. website and print out the Diego Video Watch pattern. Cut out the watches and the interchangeable watch faces, and if you have a home laminator, laminate the pieces to make them more durable. Next, add stick-on Velcro to the watch-strap ends so that they fasten and unfasten. You can also stick the hook side of Velcro to the watch face, and the loop side to the underside of the different watch-faces so the kids can swap the faces out easily when they play with it. Next, print out party invitations on 8 ½” x 11” paper. Include the party details and decorate the invitations with Diego clipart or Diego stickers. Roll the invitations into scrolls and wrap the watches around the scrolls to secure them. Attach the extra video watch faces to the invitation with a paper clip. When the children receive their invitations, they’ll get to wear their Diego watches to remind them that it will soon be party time! You can also buy a pre-made Diego watch, however, that option is on the pricier side.