Diego Party Favors

diego party favorsIf you’re looking for a quick and easy option for party favors, you can opt for the official Go, Diego, Go! party favor box. Each bright, green-striped box includes a mini Baby Jaguar beanie plush toy, toy telescope, toy magnifying glass, whistle and Diego sticker sheet. Just assemble and fill each box and you’re ready to go! Add a few sweet treats or packet of trail mix to complete the ensemble if you like.

Homemade Diego Party Favors – Low-cost!
Looking for great-looking favor bags that won’t break the bank? Use these ideas to create a wonderful take-away party bag that uses home-made options and costs very little. Pick up plain orange or kraft-paper gift bags at the craft or dollar store, and decorate the bags with Diego stickers. Tuck a tuft of orange tissue paper into the bag for added volume and interest. Next, pick up a pack of long, orange balloons for making balloon animals. You’ll find these at the dollar store, party supply store, or order them online. Follow the simple video instructions on MonkeySee for making a balloon tiger, but instead of drawing tiger stripes on the balloon animal with a black Sharpie pen, draw jaguar spots. Tuck a balloon Baby Jaguar in each gift bag.

Next, print out a Diego coloring book images from the Nick Jr. website and put one in each bag, along with an inexpensive pack of crayons, pencil-crayons or even a mini paint set from the dollar store. You can buy official Diego coloring books and crayons for 4.99 for 4 books.

Finally, pick up a paw-print cookie cutter online, and bake a batch of Baby Jaguar paw print cookies using your favorite rolled cookie recipe. You can use chocolate tube icing to add the paw-pads on each cookie, or leave them plain. Put half a dozen cookies in a Ziploc bag and print out a label that says “Baby Jaguar’s Paw-Print cookies.” These favor bags will cost no more than two or three dollars, and will delight your little party guests.

Wild animal theme
For an out-there wild animal theme, pick up gift bags in an assortment of wild animal patterns on Amazon. Fill them with animal print slap bracelets, wild animal temporary tattoos, cool jungle stickers and magic wild animal capsules that turn into wild animals when you throw them in the bath. You can finish the party favors by adding a few pieces of candy or gummy bears.

diego party favors
Rescue pack theme
Send each party guest home with their very own Diego Rescue Pack, just like the one Diego bring with him on every animal rescue adventure! Order or find orange tote or grocery bags like these ones here. Use self-adhesive foam sheets to cut out eyes, mouth and eyebrows to create the Diego Rescue Pack character on each bag. If price is not an issue than consider the official Diego tote bag for all the favors!

Fill each rescue pack with a Go Diego field journal ($10.99 per dozen) and any of the following expedition necessities: pencil crayons, toy telescope, magnifying glass, disposable camera, binoculars, mini-flashlight, whistle, rope and trail mix. You can also tuck Diego’s best friend and companion in adventure into the bags. Pick up inexpensive mini plush jaguars online.