Diego Party Games and Activities

diego pinataHere are a few creative Diego party activities and games that the kids will love and keep entertained!

Birthday field trip
If the birthday girl or boy loves Diego, chances are they love animals, too. Consider taking the birthday party group on a trip to a nearby nature conservatory, zoo, aquarium or petting zoo. You may also be able to arrange for a mini petting zoo to come to you. Contact local animal rescue operations and family pet stores: sometimes they will bring out a selection of animals, such as rabbits, guinea pigs, reptiles and more, for the children to pet and learn about. Check your local directory for companies that offer this service.

Safari/Rainforest rescue #1
You can also have lots of fun taking the kids on a “safari adventure” right in your own home or backyard. Try a variation of an Easter Egg hunt and hide toy safari animals around the house and yard. Tell the kids they need to “rescue” as many animals as they can. You can also do this with rainforest animals. You can find Diego badges to print out on your computer at the Nick Jr. website: laminate them and glue craft store pins on the back to create Animal Rescue badges for each child! You can also purchase official Diego Animal Rescue t-shirts and hand them out as prizes!

Safari/Rainforest rescue #2
If you have a sandbox in your yard, or a kid’s pool you can fill with sand, you can play a different version of animal rescue. Before the party, bury some little plastic safari animals in the sand. When you’re ready to play, divide the guests into two teams, and tell them they need to “rescue” as many animals as they can find from the “quicksand.” On the count of three, the two teams need to dig with their hands as quickly as they can to find the animals hidden in the sand. The team that finds the most animals wins.

Baby Jaguar hide and seek
For a variation on the safari animal rescue, you can play Baby Jaguar rescue hide-and-seek. Each child gets a turn to be Baby Jaguar. Have them wear a pair of leopard ears or you can purchase a Jaguar or Leopard costume. Have all the “rescuers” stay in one room while the Baby Jaguar finds a place to hide and be rescued. If the children are younger, you may need to help Baby Jaguar find a good hiding spot, and give some hints to the rescuers if they have trouble finding Baby Jaguar.

For a quieter activity, set up a station where the kids can make their own Go, Diego, Go! rainforest terrarium to take home. You’ll find instructions and a list of materials needed on the Nick Jr. website. You’ll need clear glass or plastic containers for each guest, and a selection of small plants, rocks and planting material. You’ll find Diego characters you can print out in color on your home computer using Shrinky Dinks plastic sheets to make tiny figurines for the terrariums. You can also buy a Diego Terranium kit which the kids just need to assemble for less than $4.00 and makes a great Diego party favor!

If you are going with a Safari theme for the party, you can adapt this craft by using cacti and other succulents to create a desert landscape.