Dora the Explorer Party Invitations

dora the explorer invitation For a simple birthday invitation, pick up official Dora the Explorer invitations from Celebrate Express. You can also purchase Dora party invitations and thank-you card pack from Amazon for $6.99.

Homemade Dora The Explorer Invitations
Here are a few Homemade Dora the Explorer invitation ideas to consider. These can be a fun activity while saving money on your party!

Swiper The Explorer Invitation Idea
To get the kids excited about the birthday activities, you can make “Swiper” invitations that feature everybody’s favorite, thieving fox. Find an image of Swiper on the Internet (or go to the website) and write: “Will Swiper swipe Janelle’s birthday? Help her get it back!”

Of course, inserting your child’s name instead of “Janelle”. You can also cut blue cardstock or construction paper in simple Swiper masks. Staple blue ribbon or an elastic to the mask so that the invitation recipients can wear them, and write or print the party details on the flip side of the mask.

Map the Explorer Homemade Party Invitations
For an unusual homemade invitation that the kids will love, print the birthday details on Dora’s trusty sidekick, Map! You’ll need a sheet of yellow or tan-colored paper for each invitation you need to make, a sheet of blue adhesive craft foam (or construction paper), a sheet of red adhesive craft foam (or construction paper) and a pair of stick-on googly eyes for each invitation. Start by printing the party details on the yellow or tan sheets. Next, roll each one up and secure it with an elastic band. Now cut out blue foam triangles for Map’s eyebrows, and cut out the shape of Map’s mouth from the red foam. Stick on a pair of googly eyes and ta-da! You have a fun invitation that looks just like Map.

Backpack the Explorer Homemade Party Invitations
With a little extra effort, you can also create a homemade invitation that looks like Backpack. Pick up some sheets of purple foam from a craft store or Amazon, and cut out two soft square shapes (no more than 4 or 5 inches in width) for invitations. Hot glue-gun the two pieces together so that they form a pocket. Now use construction paper or craft foam and stick-on googly eyes to recreate Backpack’s face on one side, and glue two strips of purple foam to the other side to make the backpack straps. Print the invitations two per 8 ½ x 11 sheet of paper, roll them into scrolls and tuck them into the backpacks, along with a couple of wrapped candies. Distribute the Backpack invitations to the party guests.

Hopefully these Dora the Explorer party invitations are able to start a truly amazing Birthday party for your special birthday boy or girl.