Batman The Dark Knight Party Invitations

dark knight party invitationsDepending on which age group you are targeting their are different Batman The Dark Knight party invitation ideas.

Older Boys
Invitation for this age group can be a little tricky…and it really depends on how you phrase it with your birthday boy. If you are looking for a “retro invitation” you can order official Batman the Dark Knight invitations from Celebration Express. Just fill in the details of the party and you are good to go.

The other thing to remember is the age of your child! Most kids this age have Face Book and use it for EVERYTHING!! They can use it for their birthday party invitations as long as they know 1) that their guests read their Face Book on a regular basis (trust me, they’ll know this) and 2) they send their invitation as a private message and don’t post it on their wall – they don’t want to hurt people’s feelings that aren’t invited. This is a free way to invite kids this age but the party theme might not fit these users… It’ll have to be a judgment call.

Younger Boys Batman Dark Knight Party Invitations
For the younger party guests you have a WIDE variety of options that are only limited by your creativity or willingness to create something. Obviously, you can choose the official Batman party invitation or the Alternative Batman party invitation. These invitations look great, however, there are other options.

Batman Mask Party Invitations
For a more creative touch – order Batman Dark Knight Masks. On the back of the mask you can print out labels with the birthday information and stick them on the inside of the mask. Not only do they have the information for the party, but let them know to bring the masks to the party. This is a fun way to get the theme started early!

Batman The Dark Knight VIP passes
A fun idea that works for either age is a VIP ticket into the party. You can order Batman VIP passes. These are passes that look official, printed on hard paper with colored images and usually come with a plastic case and lanyard. Here are a few custom made Batman invitations that you can order and personalize to your exact party details!
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Did you host a Batman The Dark Knight party? What did you do for the invitation? Let us know in the comments below.