Unicorn Party Favors

unicorn party favorsThe Unicorn party favors should be fun, pretty, girly and unicorn themed! All little girls at the unicorn party will love the unicorn party favors. If you are looking for a very easy and authentic looking party favors the best option is to buy pre-made Unicorn party favor pack. These party favors come with all the supplies and you simply fill the boxes with all the supplies. This option is definitely the easiest but can also be the most expensive.

Assemble Your Own Unicorn Party Favors
Here are a few Unicorn themed party favors to consider…. each option requires a bit of manual labour. Be sure to give yourself plenty of time to prepare your party favors!

Unicorn Goblet Party Favors
A very cool looking Unicorn party favor starts with a Unicorn goblet, candy, notepad and bean-bag unicorn. Simply add the candy, notepad and Unicorn inside the goblet. Then with different color mylar paper wrap each unicorn party favor gobletsgoblet to make it look like a fancy bouquet. Attach a note with each child’s name to the outside of the package! Kids will love opening the party favors and finding out they have their very own drinking glass!

Unicorn Themed Package
Another Unicorn themed party favor package starts with a small shiny bag. To that bag add a few Unicorn themed items such as a Unicorn Blowout and Unicorn stickers. Then add a few girlie items such as a package of glitter, a small bottle of nail-polish and some candy. If you are feeling very extravagant you can purchase Unicorn t-shirts which the kids will adore!

A few non-unicorn related party favors includes: sparkly lip gloss ring, plastic bracelets with glittery liquid inside, shiny body glitter and glitter nail polish. Remember, for a Unicorn Themed party just you need a few Unicorn specific party favors and then any girlie item (nail polish, bracelets, etc..) will be perfect!