Unicorn Party Decorations

unicorn pinataThe decorations for a unicorn party are fun and easy to put together. You have a few options to consider whether it’s buying pre-made Unicorn decorations or creating your own. We have listed a few home-made ideas below. We recommend doing a combination of pre-made and homemade decorations as it’ll save you money and look great!

Unicorn Party Room Decorations
A great way to start any room decorations is a few pre-made unicorn decorations. We recommend a Unicorn Wall decorations, Unicorn Foil Balloons and Unicorn Pinata. The Pinata also doubles as a fun activity or game that the kids (and parents will love).

A few homemade or simple decorations include:
unicorn party wall decoration

  • Stringing twinkling white Christmas light and pastel colored tulle along the ceiling instead of streamers.
  • Place pastel balloons, lightly dusted with spray metallic paint for added sparkle, around the room.
  • Cut fairies, trees, and unicorns out of cardboard, paint them, and place them around the walls of the party room.
  • Cut stars, moons, and rainbows out of poster board, paint them silver, and string them from the ceiling.
  • Table Decorations
    When decorating for your party don’t forget the table decorations. You can start by cutting large castles out of cardboard and painting them in light pastel colors. However, that may be too complex for most people and if this is the case consider a Unicorn centerpiece. Then, drape white tulle around the base of the castles for added effect.