Unicorn Birthday Cake

unicorn cake topper
When planning a cake for a Unicorn Birthday party you have many different options. The easiest and most expensive option is to hire a local bakery to create a Unicorn themed cake. With this option you can choose the flavour, design, wording, etc… However, it is the priciest option and often people find it’s not as ‘intimate’ as they didn’t actually create the cake. Here are a few options for a Unicorn Birthday cake where you get to create the cake.

Unicorn Cake Pan
One of the neater Unicorn cakes is where you actually bake a cake using a Unicorn Cake Pan. With this option you create a cake as usual and pour the batter into the Unicorn shaped cake pan. After it’s finished baking and cooling you ice the cake as desired to get a beautiful Unicorn! Here are a few Unicorn cake pans to consider.
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Unicorn Edible Cake Image
A fairly simple Unicorn cake can be created by baking a rectangular cake and simply adding a edible cake-image topper to the top of the cake. These edible image toppers come in a variety of Unicorn themes and look as if the image was painted on the cake and was never anything seperate from the icing! Simply choose one you think the birthday girl will enjoy.
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Unicorn Birthday Cupcakes
A very popular trend with Birthday cakes is to create cupcakes. A very simple cupcake idea is to ice the cake in pink (or the color of the party) and then simply add a ‘cone’ shape to the top of the cupcake. For a more authentic Unicorn cupcake you have an option of choosing either Unicorn rings, toppers or edible images as shown below.
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