My Little Pony Party Invitations

my little pony party invitations
The importance of party invitation is so often overlooked. Your My Little Pony party invitations aren’t just for letting people know where the party is at … they are for letting them know this is a party they don’t want to miss! Put a little effort into the invitations so all your hard work and money spent on throwing your party doesn’t go to waste. If you want BIG turnout – You need to go BIG on the party invitations!

Themed Invitations
My Little Pony is a pretty popular birthday theme so finding the right themed invitations shouldn’t be a problem. Shop online to find an invitation that really speaks for you and the party girl. CelebrateExpress has very cute invitations at a budget-friendly price. In fact, they have My Little Pony Invitations (as seen to the right) which are relatively inexpensive and look great! Keep in mind that any shopping you do online will need to be done a little early.

Personalized Invitations
personalized pony invitationCelebrateExpress also has a unique party invitation idea that creates a more personal feeling but doesn’t mean a lot of work creating your own. Personalized invitations are a great way to let your potential guests know that you are putting in the extra work to make this one special. They appreciate it, and in turn want to see what else you have in store! With the personalized invitation you can add a picture, choose the font, and customize the wording. Check it out the selection here.

Homemade My Little Pony Invitations
Your little princess is a step above the rest – why shouldn’t her party be? Yes, generic run-of-the-mill invitations are great for anyone in a hurry to get the party started, but it doesn’t have to be the only option. Making your own party invitations gives you total freedom to make them perfect!

Your local craft supply store with have several paper options to make the card exactly how you envision it. Card stock or thick scrapbooking papers are both perfect paper to print your custom designed invitation on. You can do a single side card, double sided card, or fold-over card. Include all the details: Who, What, When, Where, RSVP, and a few of the activities to reel the guests in.

A few brain-storming tips include:

  • Use word art.
  • Use a card generating software.
  • Incorporate images of My Little Pony or add My Little Pony Stickers
  • Embellish with lots of details: glitter, buttons, beads, sequins, metallic pens, markers, etc.
  • Add a picture of the party girl.
  • Let the party girl help out!

Here are a few more pre-made My Little Pony invitation ideas. You can use these ideas as a start to your own party invite!

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