My Little Pony Party Food and Snacks

my little pony tablecoverWhen hosting your My Little Pony party don’t forget the food and snacks for the kids. We have listed a few creative ideas below that will look great and have the kids talking about the food! Remember, to make clean-up easier to have paper plates, cups, etc… You can purchase My Little Pony paper plates, cups and napkins to keep with your party theme.

Creative Sandwiches
Use cookie cutters to make your sandwiches into popular symbols of My Little Pony. There are many shapes and symbols to choose from including stars, hearts, flowers and ponies. You can buy a pack of assorted cookie cutters and use those to cut out the pieces of bread than create the sandwiches from that bread. This is a rather simple idea but looks great!

Veggie Tray
A veggie tray is a fun idea at a My Little Pony party as you can tell the kids that’s what ponies and horses eat! Rainbows are very prominent in My Little Pony so when making the veggie tray you can shape the veggies like a rainbow. We recommend using Red Peppers, Orange Carrots, Yellow Peppers, Green Broccoli, Blue Cauliflower (Cauliflower soaked in water with blue food coloring)!

Unicorn Horns
Instead of having chips at the party have Buggles and tell the kids that they represent Unicorn horns!

Sweet fruit is a weakness of the My Little Pony characters. Strawberries are perhaps their most favorite food in the whole world. Be sure to have a fruit tray and even a Strawberry tray! A favorite among all kids (and adults) is chocolate covered strawberries which are super simple, look great and taste even better! Simply melt some chocolate in a double-boiler. After washing and drying the strawberries dip them in the chocolate and place on wax paper. You can drizzle melted white-chocolate over the dark chocolate to make a really neat effect!

My Little Pony Cookies
Bake a batch of sugar cookies to cut into shapes. If you are going to be serving shaped sandwiches that were cut using cookie cutters you might as well use the cookie cutters for cookies too! Decorate the cookies with a simple icing and pink and purple sparkles for a cute little extra touch. You can also create different color icing by adding a few drops of food coloring to white icing!