Bratz Party Activities

bratz make up kitBratz girls are all about fashion and looking fabulous, and the Bratz birthday party activities should reflect the theme. Makeovers, fashion competitions and fashion design craft activities will keep the little partygoers feeling like true fashionistas.

Makeover station
Set up a makeover station where the girls can get a makeover from a grown-up “makeup artist.” You can pay a teenaged relative or neighbor a small fee to stay for an hour or two and apply makeup to the girls. Pick up inexpensive makeup kit in brilliant shades of pink and purple and blue and green. Little girls are not subtle when it comes to makeup! You can also pick up anything else that adds a touch of inexpensive glitz: shiny hair barettes and scrunchies, glitter dust, stick-on body gems and temporary tattoos with girly themes of flowers, butterflies, etc.

Coloring station
While the girls are waiting to have their makeover done, make sure to give them something to do. Print out some free Bratz coloring pages and put out some felt markers and pencil crayons at a table so the girls can color while they wait. You can also put out fabric scraps, scissors and a gluestick so they can cut out fabrics and glue them on to the Bratz figures to create new fashions.

Photo station
When the girls are all made over and feeling glamorous, make sure they each get their photo taken. Tack a big piece of pink or purple posterboard up on the wall and have them stand in front of it to get snapped. This is a perfect addition to your thank-you cards. If you’re creating photo-frames at the party then be sure to have someone upload the photos to your computer and then print them out in color on photo paper.

Fashion competition
Give the girls just 15 minutes to design an outfit from scratch! Divide the girls into two teams and hand each team a bag with identical contents: for instance, include a couple of lengths of cool-looking fabric (satin, tulle, etc.), a length of wild-looking fun-fur, a marabou feather boa, two pairs of scissors, a couple of rolls of crepe streamers in bright colors and lots of safety-pins. Each team will select one girl from their own team to be their model. Set your watch or a kitchen time for 15 minutes and have each team race to pin their fashion creation on their model.

When the timer goes off, the girls have to put down their scissors and safety pins, and you and any other adults at the party can choose a winner and a runner-up.

You can also hold a Bratz fashion competition by tracing two Bratz dolls (wearing just their underwear) on two big sheets of paper. Give each team a bag with identical contents: bright-colored tissue, crepe paper, stickers, stick-on-gems, marabou feathers, buttons, lace, scissors and a gluestick. Set the timer and give each team 15 minutes to create gorgeous fashions for their Bratz figure. Make sure each team gets a prize for their participation: hair accessories, little bottles of nail polish, bangles, slap bracelets or even little bags of pink and purple jellybeans in clear bags tied with pink and purple ribbon.

If you are looking for a less active and more creative party activity consider our Design Your Own Photo Purse activity. The kids get to decorate and create their own photo frame in the shape of a purse!