Homemade Party Favors – Marshmallow Ghosts

marshmallow ghost homemade party favorThis is a fairly easy homemade party favor that doesn’t take too long to make but looks great! This party favor is perfect for a variety of party themes including Scooby Doo, Spooky Party, Halloween, Snowmen parties and more!

Add some spooky ghosts to the favor bags with this easy recipe. The birthday girl or boy will have fun making these with you!

  1. For six ghosts, stack three marshmallows on each of six wooden skewers.
  2. Melt two cups of white chocolate chips, plus two tablespoons of shortening, and dip the skewers into the melted chocolate to cover.
  3. Lay on waxed paper (or parchment paper) and add cinnamon red-hots or other tiny round candy for the eyes.
  4. Pipe a round “o” mouth on each ghost using a squeeze tube of black icing.
  5. Let harden and cool
  6. Wrap each ghost in mylar and tie with a black ribbon.

You can also stick a message on the front of each package: “Look out, Scooby! A ghooooooost!” These party favors look great and are very inexpensive to make!

—— Editors Note —–
We made these again last night to attach pictures to this post. It was a fun project that everyone loved and took very little time from start to finish.

  1. We tried using licorice and they turned out ok. If you choose licorice we recommend string licorice rather than cutting the pieces as we did below.
  2. Also, tweezers work great for more accurate placement.
  3. Waiting a few minutes to let the chocolate slightly harden can allow for easier placement of the pieces.
  4. They taste and look great!

See our pictures below!

Preparing the pieces for the eyes, noes and mouth.
homemade party favors licorice strips

Dipping the marshmallow in the white chocolate.
homemade party favors white chocolate

The first set of ghosts.
homemade party favors ghosts

Another set of ghosts
homemade party favors spooky ghosts

Final product ready for the party favor bags!
homemade party favors ghosts final product