Homemade Party Favor – Turbo Rocket Kit

rocket kit homemade space party favorA homemade turbo rocket kit is a great party favor to give out to the kids. This party favor is perfect for a variety of parties but definitely fit for a Space Party and almost all outdoor boys parties. Be sure to warn kids that rockets can be dangerous and they must stand back from the rocket when it’s launched.

Give each child a “make your own turbo space rocket kit.” This is a much less expensive version of the pre-made rocket kit which takes much less time to assemble. The home-made version takes a bit of effort to prepare, but it’s very inexpensive, it’s unusual and it’s a guaranteed hit with kids. It’s a simple project that results in an “exploding” rocket that blasts into the air for 30 feet or more. For each kit you will need

  • 16 oz clear plastic water or soda bottle filled ¾ full with a solution of ¼ vinegar and ¾ water.
  • Decorate the bottles to look more like rockets: wrap them in silver paper, add black portholes with a Sharpie pen, and glue on red tailfins.
  • Cork to fit bottle opening snugly. Glue red and plastic or paper streamers to the end of the cork, so that when the bottle rocket “launches,” they will look like flames.
  • One or two teaspoons of baking soda wrapped in a twist of tissue paper
  • Safety glasses.
  • Instruction sheet. Print out the instruction sheet below and place one in each kit. Click here to get a PDF that you can simply print out and give to the kids (as seen above)!

Dear Astronaut,
This is your very own easy-launch super turbo space rocket. You’ll be amazed how fast it goes when you launch it into space!

To Launch Your Turbo Space Rocket:
1. Have a grownup standing by.
2. Launch your rocket outdoors only.
3. Put on your safety glasses
4. Point the rocket away from the house, pets, other people.
5. Uncork the bottle. Drop the baking soda packet into the bottle and quickly seal it up again.
6. Give the bottle a shape and stand back for liftoff!

Put each kit, with instructions, into a gift bag, with the bottle standing upright. Decorate the gift back with rocket or NASA space stickers.

This also makes a great party activity as you can have a craft table for the kids to decorate their rockets. Then later in the party you can have a group of rockets blast off!