Homemade Party Supplies

Party themes range from Superheros to Princesses to Video Game Characters. Whether you’re planning for him or her there’s a homemade party supply waiting to be added to the party. Here are a few reasons why you should consider home-made party supplies for your next kids party theme.

Save money! Homemade party supplies typically cost a LOT less than pre-made party supplies. The one drawback of these homemade supplies is finding the time to make them! If you can budget your time accordingly than home made party decorations, favors, games, etc.. can be a great addition to any party theme!

Combine Official and home-made party supplies! A great way to throw a themed party while saving money is to combine officially licensed merchandise and homemade supplies. You can buy just about any themes party supplies and then add your own flair. You can create your own party favors, decorate balloons, cut-out construction paper or choose a homemade idea below!

Let the kids help out! A great way to have a fun kids project and possibly save time is to let the kids help with the party supplies. Whether it’s using a glue stick or placing candy on a marshmallow there’s a job they can help with. This will just add even MORE excitement to the party!

Next party you plan, combine pre-made party supplies and homemade party supplies for a truly memorable experience!