Sweet 16 Party Invitations

sweet 16 party invitationYou can have a lot of fun with the birthday party invitations! If you’re looking for something fast and easy so you can put your time and energies into the party itself, you can always purchase preprinted Sweet 16 sparkle invitations from Celebrate Express. You can also consider a Brown and Pink Sweet 16 invitation which is a very modern looking theme.

Homemade Sweet 16 – 80’s Invitation
If you want to get creative, here are some great ideas for funky, original invitations in the 80s theme:

80s birthday girl
Have the birthday girl dress up in full 80s regalia—big hair with pink streaks or a side ponytail, legwarmers, neon, etc. Create an inexpensive scrim with a white dropcloth tacked onto the wall and trailing down to the floor. Spraypaint a message on the dropcloth with black, fuschia, teal or neon paint: “It’s [birthday girl’s name] totally 80s party!” “Let’s party like it’s 1980!” etc. Have the birthday girl pose next to the spraypainted message, take some digital photos and choose the best one for the cover of the invitation. You can print the invites out in color on your home computer, or take them to a print shop.

Cassette tape
This is a very creative way to recycle old 80s cassette tapes! If you have a bunch of old cassette tapes from the 80s gathering dust in the basement, or if you know someone who does (and trust me, you know someone who does!), you can use them to create an original party invitation and keepsake. On your computer, create labels to stick over the original labels on the cassette. Leave one side of the cassette as-is for nostalgia value (it’s fun to read the old band and song names). On the other side, stick a new label that gives the party essentials: date, time, place and a phone number. You can wrap the cassette in a note that gives further details about what the guest should expect, what they should bring and what they should wear. Slide the cassettes into envelopes and hand them out to invitees. Note: You can also do this with record singles if you can find them.

80s moment
What does the 80s mean to you? Was it all about new wave music, or preppy fashion, or the pet rock craze? Was it about Mr. T or “Back to the Future” or Aqua Net hairspray? Have the birthday girl think about it and decide on an image that truly represents the decade for her. Do an Internet search and find a picture of it, and make that the image of the card.

Who am I?
Do some digging and come up with as many 80s music, movie and TV celebrities as there are guests. Find pictures on the Internet for each celeb and print one out for each invitation. As well as including party information, encourage each invitee to try to figure out who their celebrity is. If they bring the invite to the party and can identify the celeb, they receive an “80s Expert” badge and a prize at the door.

Sweet 16 Ticket Invitation
The final idea is to create a Sweet 16 VIP ticket invitation. These VIP tickets look like official party/event tickets and will make the party seem very official. They are relatively inexpensive and will have everyone talking about the party before the party itself!
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