Lego Party Invitations

lego partyIf you’re pressed for time and looking for a cute, premade invitation, take a look at the LEGOVille invitations at ($3.59 for eight). Another easy option is using a free birthday card download on the Lego website. Print them out in color, fold them over and fill in the details for a fast, inexpensive invitation.

Homemade Lego Party Invitations
For a more creative approach, you can make Lego “puzzle” invitations. Assemble a few assorted Lego bricks (mixing up long and short pieces) to create a flat rectangular or square surface. On the flat surface, use a black Sharpie marker to write the party details (who, what, when and where). Then disassemble the bricks and pile them into a red gift bag from the dollar store. Write “It’s a LEGO party!” on each bag, and dress them with Lego logos printed on sticker paper from your home printer, or Lego stickers. When the kids receive their bagged invitation, they will need to re-assemble the Lego bricks to discover the party details.

If you prefer, you can also print out sticker sheets with the party details printed on them instead of using a Sharpie to write the information on the bricks. Lay the sticker on the assembled bricks and use a sharp Xacto knife to carefully cut through the sticker so that you can disassemble the bricks.

3D Lego Birthday Invitations
You can also create your own, handmade cards with a 3D Lego motif easily, using blank greeting cards such as these Avery printable cards from Amazon ($10.99 for 50) and craft foam in Lego primary colors of red, blue, green and yellow. First, print the party details on the inside of the cards using your home printer, or write the details out by hand if you prefer. Next, write a birthday message across the top of the card cover (“It’s Jake’s Birthday!” or “It’s a LEGO Party!”). Next, cut rectangles and squares with widths of approximately 3 centimeters/1 inch out of the craft foam. Use a hole-punch to punch a number of round Lego knobs out of another piece of foam. Glue a few rectangles and squares in a random pattern on the front of each card, and then glue the appropriate number of knobs on each: four knobs for squares and six or eight knobs for short or long rectangles.

If you have a digital camera and a home printer, you can also create a card that features the birthday boy or girl posing with their own Lego creation. Have the child pose behind a Lego scene and capture the shot in close-up. You can also take a photo of the child with a pointed birthday hat made out of Lego, or pretending to blow out the candles of a Lego “cake.” If you’re looking for a more specific Lego theme such as Lego Knights or Lego Star Wars check out the selection of Lego party invitations here.