Lego Party Decorations

lego partyDecorations for a Lego Themed party can be anything from something simple to something large and extravagant. It’s really up to you, your budget and time. Here are a few ideas to help create a great party venue while not spending too much money on decorations!

Decorate the party room in Lego colors of red, yellow, green and blue. Hang colored streamers and balloons in Lego colors from the light fixtures and ceiling. Pick up a plastic or paper tablecloth in red or yellow, and napkins in contrasting green and blue from the dollar store or party supply store to dress up the party table. Print out giant letters in a Lego font (download the font here) on colored construction paper to make a “Happy Birthday” banner.

You can also download lots of cool Lego minifigure posters from the Lego website. Print them out in color and tape them up on the walls. You could also purchase a Lego themed poster (as shown below), these are great as you can pick your child’s favorite Lego theme (Star Wars, City Ville, Ninjago, etc…)
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If you have a laminator, you can also laminate them to create placemats that the kids can take home after the party. Alternatively, you can purchase Lego Activity placemats that decorate the room and keep the kids active.

Finally, a great way to decorate a room at a VERY low cost is using shoeboxes! If you can source some rectangular boxes, such as discarded shoeboxes, you can wrap them in colored paper or spray-paint them in Lego colors, then draw on the knobs to create outsized Lego bricks. Scatter the bricks all over the party room. These boxes can also be used during the “Tall towers” or “Toppling towers” Lego party activities.

If you hosted a Lego party how did you decorate the room? Let us know in the comments below.