Lego Birthday Cake and Cupcakes

lego minifigure birthday cake panIt can be difficult to find a Lego-themed cake at your local bakery or supermarket, but fortunately, there are lots of easy, make-at-home ideas you can rely on. None of these birthday cake designs requires special pans, utensils or advanced cake decorating skills: they’re all simple ideas anyone can put together in an afternoon using readily available materials.

Lego Minifigure Birthday Cake
One of the best ways to represent a Lego themed birthday party is using a Minifigure from Lego. Kids love these minifigures so why not make a cake in that shape! Simply purchase a Lego Minifigure cake pan (as shown on the right). Next, bake your favorite cake recipe and once cool ice according to your favorite mini-figure. The hardest part of this cake is the icing so take your time and don’t be afraid to make a mistake. Mistakes can be either covered up with more icing or candy lego bricks!

Giant Lego cake (moderately challenging)
Let’s start with the most challenging cake idea first. To make a giant Lego cake, you’ll need to bake two sheet cakes (from a mix or homemade recipe, and in the flavor of your choice) of about 18 to 20 inches in length, plus six cupcakes. Stack the sheet cakes one on top of the other, with frosting (again, this can be store-bought or your own recipe) between the layers, and then frost the entire cake with frosting tinted a bright Lego color. Now peel the paper cases from the cupcakes and arrange them, upside-down, in two rows of three on top of the cake to create the Lego knobs. Frost the knobs in place. VARIATION: If you want to achieve the smooth, shiny look of Lego, you can cover your cake in a layer of bright-colored fondant after frosting it. You’ll find lots of good, simple marshmallow-based fondant recipes in the Internet, or just use this one from Group Recipes. First, frost the stacked sheet cakes and cover them completely in a layer of colored fondant. Then frost the cupcakes, mold a layer of fondant over them and trim the excess. Carefully lay the fondant-covered “knobs” on top of the sheet cake!

Simple mini Lego cakes
Bake cake mix in mini-loaf pans. Divide home-made or store-bought frosting into four quantities, and tint each a different Lego color: blue, green, yellow, red. When the mini-loaves are cool, frost each with one of the Lego colors. Now use round candies in similar colors (such as M&Ms) to add knobs to each Lego “brick.” You can also purchase a Lego Brick cake pan that will make these mini-lego cake much easier!

Edible Lego construction cake
This is a very easy idea for a Lego-themed cake. Simply bake a sheet cake in the desired size, then use Lego-style candy blocks to build something in the center of the cake: a tower, a house, a ship, or even a bunch of cars with round candy wheels. Use a tube of squeeze frosting to write the birthday message on the cake, or use candy letters. You’ll find that the candy blocks are as easy to build with as regular Lego, so you can actually create an interesting centerpiece in the middle of the cake. You can also get the birthday boy or girl to help you if you like.

Real Lego construction cake
This is a very simplest solution that produces an impressive cake. Bake a sheet cake and tint the frosting to match the green Lego baseplate color. Use Lego to build a “Happy Birthday” message on the baseplate, or simply create an interesting Lego construction that will appeal to the birthday boy or girl. If you’d like the cake to offer an element of surprise, you can purchase a new Lego set for this cake centerpiece. When the centerpiece is finished, simply lay it on top of the frosted cake. NOTE: Make sure the Lego pieces are firmly fixed to the baseplate so that nothing falls off to become a choking hazard for small children. When you’re ready to cut and serve the cake, just lift the baseplate off the cake.

Lego Cupcakes
A very simple and easy way to create a cake is to use cupcakes instead. One easy idea is to simply scatter candy Lego bricks over each one. Here are a few more Lego cupcake toppers that are worth considering. Remember that Lego Ninjago makes a GREAT cupcake topper as each kid gets their very own Ninjago!
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Finally, don’t forget the Lego candles! These adorable Lego-shaped candles are the fastest way to bring the Lego theme to an ordinary cake or cupcakes!