Zoo Party Decorations

zoo party decorationsA zoo-themed party is a great theme as you have plenty of decorating choices! You can choose zoo specific party supplies, animal decorations or create something homemade. We have listed a few decorating ideas below that you might consider.

Setting The Mood
You can purchase inflatable zoo animals at a toy store or a party store, inflate them, and put them in various locations in the yard to designate particular areas for games or activities.

You might find a safari-type “Happy Birthday” banner and some animal posters, which would add to the décor. You could give away the animal posters at the end, as either game prizes or as party favors.

Zoo Party Table Decorations
For the food tables, you have a few options. You can purchase zoo-themed party plates, napkins, etc… Then add to this with an animal themed tablecover, centerpiece and more. You can even use green, green grass and other zoo foliage to help decorate the table if necessary. Finally, add some small zoo animal figures for decorations. These typically come in a large bagful, so you will have plenty to use. For centerpieces, you might use a straw zookeeper-type hat, with Mylar animal balloons attached.

Decorate Yourselves!
Another great idea for decorating your party is to decorate everyone at the party! You can purchase animal costumes for the children and possibly a zoo-keeper costume for the adult! Alternatively, you can hire a face-painter to decorate the children! You can turn them into cheetahs, tigers, and lions.