Tom and Jerry Party Invitations

tom and jerry party invitationsYou will need party invitations to send to your child’s young guests. If you are a creative type of person, you can make really stunning invitations. On the other hand, if you are not the artsy type, and would prefer something ready-made, then you can order some really great Tom and Jerry invitations.

The invitations for your child’s Tom and Jerry party really set up the mood for everything that is the follow. This means that you need to know whether your party will be a “versus” party with competitions or something more low key and traditional. As with any other party, your options for invitations are hand-made, store bought, or printed from the Internet. We have described a few options below to help create the perfect Tom and Jerry invitation.

Pre-Made Tom and Jerry Invitations
CelebreateExpress has official Tom and Jerry pre-made invitations available in 8 packs. Envelopes are included in these sets and they cost only $3.59. They are red, featuring Tom the cat and Jerry the mouse holding noisemakers and smiling at each other. The front of the card says, “It’s Party Time!” The inside says, “Hope you’re up for some fun,” and has space for you to fill in the details of your child’s party. has a pre-made party invitation that costs $15.00. You simply tell the seller the details of your party and they will photo shop them into the invitation template. Then they send you the file back, and you can print as many copies as you need. This is the most expensive option but requires very little work.

Tom and Jerry Tickets
Another pre-made invitation idea is buying Tom and Jerry ticket invitations. These invitations look like tickets to a concert or sports match. You can also personalize them for your specific party details! These look great and kids love the idea behind having a ticket to a party!

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Homemade Tom and Jerry Party Invitations
If you are talented or fortunate enough to be proficient in Adobe Photoshop, one really great idea is to make an invitation channeling the poster for a boxing match. Take two pictures of Tom and Jerry’s faces; use the layer tool to color them in opposing colors - red and blue. Place the text “One Night Only” across the top and “Team Tom vs. Team Jerry” under the faces. Underneath all of that, put the party details, and say the kids are invited to become part of Team Tom or Team Jerry. This is a great invitation if you're having many different competitions at your Tom and Jerry party!

No matter the invitations, kids are sure to get excited when they get their first exposure to this fun party theme!


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