Monsters Inc. Birthday Cake and Cupcakes

One of the great things about a Monsters Inc. birthday party is your options with the birthday cake! you have plenty of options from pre-made to do-it-yourself. You may be able to find a local bakery to make a Monsters Inc. cake for your party, however, that's the most expensive option. Another option is to create the cake from scratch, here are a few ideas for do-able homemade Monsters Inc. cake.

Mike Wazowski Cake Topper
A cake topper is another very easy way to decorate your birthday cake. You can create just about any cake that you wish and add a few Monsters Inc. figurines and you'll have a great Monsters Inc. cake. Another nice part of this option is that the birthday boy/girl can keep the cake topper afterward!

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Mike Wazowski: Monster Cake
Mike Wazowski is the little green monster with just one large eyeball in the middle of his body. Make a cake resembling this little creature and the kids will certainly go wild!

  • Bake a cake in a round pan
  • Take white frosting and mix in green food coloring. Frost the outside rim of the cake with the green to resemble Wazowski's body.
  • Take some white frosting and place a circle to represent the white of his giant eyeball.
  • Now, use chocolate frosting to fill in the white rim. This is his pupil.
  • Optional: Use green wooden dowels that are about 6 inches long to connect to cupcakes frosted with green frosting. This resembles his legs and feet. You can also use pieces of a rectangular cake to make the Mike Wazowski legs.

Monsters Inc. Edible Cake Image Topper
An easy option that requires a simple rectangular cake is an edible image cake topper. Simply bake a rectangular cake and add the image topper! You can find edible image cake toppers in various Monsters Inc. themes below.

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Monsters Inc. Cupcakes
The final idea for a Monsters Inc. cake is creating cupcakes instead. Cupcakes are a great option as they're easier to decorate and each child gets their very own cupcake. To decorate the cupcakes you can use one of the pre-made ideas below. Alternatively, you can use lime green and baby blue sprinkles over the top of the cupcakes.

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