Bratz Party Invitations

If you’re looking for quick and easy invitations, you may be able to find official Bratz birthday invitations at your local dollar store or party supply store, or you can order them online. You can also print out the free Bratz birthday invitation here.

Homemade Bratz Party Invitations
Another idea is to use Bratz clipart to create a personalized invitation that you can print out on your computer: “[Name] Invites You to the Best of All Birthdayz!” You can liven up the color invitations with a swipe of gluestick and a sprinkling of glitter powder, or accent the Bratz image with a few strokes of glitter pen and stick-on sequins or gems from the dollar store or craft store.

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Pouty “Lips” invitation
You can make a simple, striking invitation by cutting big, pouty Bratz lips out of hot pink posterboard and folding them horizontally along the center so that they look three-dimensional. Add some sparkle to the lips with pink stick-on gems or pink glitter. Write the party information on the back of the invitation.

Bratz Party Purse invitation
Create a Bratz party purse with the party invitation tucked inside. Cut out soft rectangle shapes from purple or pink paper. Run a glue-stick around the outer edge to create a thin line of glue along the bottom and sides of the rectangles, leaving the top unglued. Stick two rectangles together to form a purse pouch, and glue purple or pink ribbon at the top edges to form a purse handle. Now decorate the purses with glitter, stick-on gems, shiny stickers or whatever you can find at the dollar store that’s pretty and glam. You can use reflective or holographic letter stickers to spell out each guest’s name on their purse, or write the names out with a glitter pen. Finally, create the invitation to tuck into the Bratz purse.

If you can, format the party details on your computer and make them look like special event tickets. Write something like, “This ticket admits one super-stylish Bratz girl to the biggest birthday fashion party of the season…” Print the tickets out on cardstock paper, six up on a page, and cut them out. Tuck a ticket into each purse, and distribute them to the invited guests. Alternatively, you can see pre-made bratz tickets below.

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